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Individual User FAQ's

Q:     Why have Selective Edge created this service?

A:    We recognise that the majority of the most talented individuals in market research are happy in their current roles and therefore not active in the “job market”.

We also know as head hunters those same individuals keep an open mind about new opportunities.

SelectiveTalent has been created to help keep these individuals informed whilst keeping their identity hidden.

Using SelectiveTalent you don’t have to be “active” in the job market, you can sit back and wait for the job market to come to you.



Q:     How does the site work?

A:    The site relies on you telling us about your career aspirations, then our advanced search tools look for a "match" with any vacancies posted by hiring companies.

Once a match has been identified the details of the vacancy and hiring company are posted into your Review Jobs area.  Only vacancies that match your expectations and aspirations will be displayed in Review Jobs.

You can then decide how, or if, you want to proceed by either accepting the match and revealing your details to the Hiring Manager or rejecting the opportunity and remaining anonymous.

Once you have established a connection with the Hiring Manager you are free to deal directly with them, without the interference of a third party recruiter.



Q:     Do I need to complete the Wish List AND the Skills Matrix?

A:     To get the maximum benefit from the site we recommend that you complete both sections of your “Profile” in full.



Q:     What happens if I only complete one of the questionnaires?

A:     Your profile may still appear in a Hiring Managers search but it will be flagged as incomplete and therefore not a good match.  Also you will not be able to fully search vacancies listed by employers or Hiring Managers.


Q:     How much does it cost?

A:     SelectiveTalent is free to register & free to use.        


Q:     How secure is the information I post?

A:     By default an Individual User account is anonymous.  Your account details can only be accessed using your username and password.

Once registered, our search engine will create a unique Candidate ID number for you. This is how you will be recognised by hiring managers until you choose to reveal your identity.


Q:    What information do I need to disclose?

A:     There are three types of information required to use the site:


  • Your Registration details. This includes your name, contact telephone number and a contact email address.  This data is held by us for administrative purposes only and is strictly confidential.


  • Your “Wish List”. This tells a hiring manager what you want to do.  The Wish List enables our advanced search tools to filter out “Job ads” and searches that are not relevant to your experience or your aspirations.


  • Your “Skills Matrix”. This is the information that tells a hiring manager what you can do.  The questions and answers have been carefully designed to ensure your anonymity. 

Information not required includes your current job title / level, current or previous employer’s details, your specific location, current or previous salary or any other personally identifiable information.


Q:   Is my anonymity compromised once I have revealed my identity to a hiring manager ?

A:   No.  You can only reveal your identity to one hiring manager at a time.


Q:     What should I do if I am actively looking for a job?

A:     If you find yourself actively looking for a new role, you should still register with SelectiveTalent but you might also want to contact one of our consultants at Selective Edge.



Q:     I haven’t written a CV for ages, do I need to write one to use the site?

A:     No.  The SelectiveTalent search engine doesn’t recognise CV’s. 


You may want to take advantage of the “My Documents” area where you can store CV’s, Certificates and any other supporting information that might be useful in your search for a new role.   


Q:     How do I know which organisation has seen my profile?

A:     Our top priority is to protect your identity.  The results of a Company Search are anonymous. If your profile matches a company’s search you will receive a message on your private Message Board.  The organisation’s name, URL and contact details will appear in the message.


Once you have researched the Company, you can then decide if you wish to reveal your identify, and interest in their role.


Q:     If I appear in the search results of a “Hiring Manager” how do I know about it?

A:     The SelectiveTalent search engine will send an automated message to your registered email address and post a message on your private message board.


Q:     My question isn’t listed here

A:     If you want more help or advice Contact Us Here


Q:     What do I need to do next?

A:     Simply follow this link to Create your Account.